If you recently upgraded to the latest version of the Hair Journal App, you may have noticed this new feature which allows you to:

– back up all your data
– restore your data to other iOS devices
– have peace of mind of securing your hair journey data šŸ™‚

* Currently only available to iOS users, but for Android users the backup feature will be available soon šŸ™‚

** This feature is free for Pro users, Free users upgrade NOW!




  1. Hi,

    I was using your free version and decided to upgrade so I bought the pro version on iTunes. Later, going through the free version I finally found out I could upgrade from there since I realised the pro version I bought earlier on didn’t have my profile.
    Now I have a separate pro version and an in app upgrade but my in app upgrade doesn’t have the back up system though it shows pro on the status. Please help!


    1. Hi Joe,

      Apologies but it looks like this query you sent a while back slipped through the net and no-one on our end picked this one up or responded to you.

      Were you able to resolve this issue? Please let us know so we can help you out.

      Hair Journal Team

  2. Dominique · · Reply

    I downloaded the free app months ago, got a new phone today before upgrading to the pro version. Is there anyway someone can assist me in pulling up my old log in and info? I have over 3 years of natural hair info on my natural hair journal and am in desperate need to obtain my old information.

    1. Hello Dominique,

      Thank you for your message. In order to help with your query, please let us know the make of your old and new devices. Are they iPhones or Android phones?

      Thank you,

      Hair Journal Team

  3. I recently purchased the app which I like overall. However, I would love to see a few changes. Currently I use the app on an iPad. It would be nice if the app could optimize for iPad use because when I try to type, the keyboard covers the box so I can’t see what I am typing. This occurs in all areas using the keyboard for text entry. Also, it would be nice to keep track of the products I use on a daily basis. Since there is a database of products, it would nice to be able to select the products I used in the notes section. Plus, the ability to retire or discontinue products along with setting reminders to purchase more product would be nice too.

    1. Hi MzTeaze,

      We appreciate the feedback and will consider your suggestions for future app updates.

      Hair Journal Team

  4. I used this app for many years but switched iPhones again and am no longer able to pull up all my my clients info I saved. Also with this new app I upgraded to backup but not even able to pull up my previous info. I thought it would help if I deleted the app to try again but now I am not upgraded to even back up! Please help I would love to continue to use this app for my natural hair clients

    1. Hi Angel,

      We are sorry that you’re having this issue with the app. We’ve sent you an e-mail to help solve the problem.

      Hair Journal Team

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