Thank you for downloading the Hair Journal App!

This site is intended for you to share with us any issues you may have while using the Hair Journal App so that we can assist you with it as soon as possible. Please feel free to post any questions you may have regarding how the app works or how to navigate through the app and we will gladly provide you with the support you need. Please let us know which version of the app your query or comment is about (iOS free /paid or Android). We aim to answer your questions within 24 hours.



  1. Pumakelmusa · · Reply

    I was wondering how I can upload hair pictures I already have on my phone into the photos gallery that would be so amazing…great app btw

  2. Hi Pumakelmusa.

    Unfortunately we don’t have this functionality just yet, but we’ll try to add it to the first update we have planned for after the Holidays.. (tentatively planned for around the end of Jan 2013) :)..

    Thanks for the message and please feel free to drop us a line on any feedback or more features you’d like to see !.

    Hair Journal Team

  3. i won a free app, but i think i paid for it, i’m not sure,, help

    1. Hello dpeoples53!
      To redeem the code for a free download please follow the following instructions:
      1. Go to the App Store
      2. Search for ‘Hair Journal’
      3. Select ‘Hair Journal’
      4. On the ‘Details’ tab, scroll down to ‘Developer Info’ and select it.
      5. You’ll be taken to a new page where you will find the ‘Redeem’ option. Select this.
      6. Enter the code you won and you should be able to download it for free.

      We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions or problems downloading the app. Merry Christmas!! πŸ™‚

      Hair Journal Team

      1. ok, now this website, itunes i can see it, on my laptop, but i still can’t down load it even though it says for pc, i don’t see a “details” tab, but i see “developer info” and it takes me to here. so i don’t know, i really want to download it.

      2. Hello dpeoples53!

        Hope you had a great Christmas! Are you trying to download the app from iTunes on your computer? If so, unfortunately the Hair Journal app is only available on the iPhone and iPad. Please let us know if this is the case, if not, please feel free to post any further questions you might have πŸ™‚


        Hair Journal Team.

  4. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well, but yes i was trying to download on my computer, but i do have an ipad,and i will try that, but i still have to download itunes, to it, and i will let you know what happen, now keep working on the app that will let you download to the computer:) thank you, and have a Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  5. Frankie · · Reply

    I’m one of the few people who do bot own an IPad. Do you have plans of releasing the app for Androids?

    1. Hi Frankie,

      Thanks for the interest in the app :). Yes we have an Android version in development right now. Currently we are in the testing phase and we are hoping to have the app released any day now.

      We’ll drop you a msg to let you know when it’s available πŸ™‚

      Hair Journal Team

    2. Hi Frankie,

      Great news! The Android version of this app is now available on the Android Google Play Store.

      Check it out and let us know what you think πŸ™‚

      Hair Journal Team

      1. Leina Alphy · ·

        It would be super cool if there was away to interact with other people that have this app. It would allow everyone to exchange ideas and look at other people’s profile to find things like their favorite shampoos, cream, conditioner etc

      2. Dear Leina,
        Thank you very much for your suggestion. We take our customer feedback seriously and we will look into suggestion in future updates.

        Best wishes and all the best in your hair journey:-)

        Hair Journal App Team

  6. Richkitten · · Reply

    Live the apo. But why does the growth tracker graph have no numbers??

    1. Hi Richkitten,

      Thanks for the download and glad you’re liking the app so far.

      The growth tracker graph does actually have numbers for all the points. Tap near any plot point on the graph you will see the number for that point appear.

      Unfortunately this is not very clear at the moment and we’ll seek to improve this via an update soon.

      In the mean time we will create a post on our Facebook page and this support blog to help other people out.

      Thanks for pointing this out.
      Hair Journal Team

      1. richkitten · ·

        Thanks that works. I never would have done that. It would be great if the numbers were just visible.

  7. Detra · · Reply

    How do i keep track of my homemade mixology and it’s results using this app?

    1. Dear Detra,
      Thank you very much for downloading Hair Journal App and hope you are enjoying using it as part of your hair journey.
      With regards to your question, you can make an entry under the diary section or alternatively you can you use the ‘other’ section under ‘Products’ to create an entry and record of your homemade products and results.
      I have attached a link to our Instagram page to show an example.
      Hope this is helpful.

      Best wishes with your hair journey.

      Hair Journal App Team.

  8. Hello I use my Kindle Fire a lot and would like to use this app, it’s easier for me to read and use. Also, I had the free version and upgraded to the paid version for my IPhone4. How can I transfer the information; I don’t want to type all that information again. It was tedious the first time.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      We would love to make the app available for the Kindle Fire because we also think its a great device, but currently we have no plans to develop for Kindle right now (only iOS and Android for now). Perhaps this is something we will consider in the near future.

      Unfortunately there is currently no way to transfer information from the free to the paid version currently, but we are working on making this possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Other than this we hope your experience with the app has been positive so far.

      Hair Journal App

  9. Hello,
    I love this app. I’ve been transitioning since 2011 and I’m finally completely natural! I really want to maintain my healthy hair, so I’m obsessed with hair treatments, vitamins, styles, products , etc… so this app really helps me keep track of all of those things!
    My only issues has been uploading photos.
    I’ve been trying to upload pictures from the gallery on my phone on previous dates, but
    when I try to upload it, the picture ends up on a completely different date. Please help! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Dotti,

      We apologise for the late reply. Thank you so much for downloading the Hair Journal App!! With regard to the issue you are currently having when trying to upload photos, the app was programmed in such a way as to save each imported photo against the day it was originally taken or saved onto your phone. This was done to allow users to import photos in a chronological order. Please refer to the post below for more information about importing photos to the Hair Journal App

      When you import a photo that was taken say, 1st January 2014, it will appear on 1st January 2014 and not today’s date. However, to view all the photos you have taken thus far, click on the ‘Photos’ tab and you’ll be able to see them all. We are considering adding a feature that allows you to override the date tag on the imported photo.

      Wish you all the best with your hair journey!

      Hair Journal Team

  10. Karen J · · Reply

    is it available on the ipad?

    1. Hi Karen πŸ™‚ The Hair Journal app has not been optimised for iPads yet but you can still download it on the App store from your iPad by selecting ‘iPhone only’ when searching for the app πŸ™‚

  11. Lisa PHILLIPS · · Reply

    where are all my photos and info from the free version?

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for downloading the Hair Journal app! If you installed Hair Journal FREE and then purchased the Hair Journal PRO as a separate app, you won’t be able to see the data stored on the Free version in the Pro version. However, if you upgrade to the Pro version directly from the Free version then you will be able to see your existing data.

      We hope this helps resolve your issue, please let us know if it did. If not, we are more than happy to help. Thank you.

      Hair Journal Team

      1. Dominique · ·

        I’ve used the hair journal all for almost two years, I love it. The issue is I recently went from an iPhone 5s to a 6s not knowing that I needed to backup my journal. I have hundreds of diary and product entries along with pictures and length checks. Is there anyway at all that someone can help me retrieve all of this information to my newly downloaded pro version of your hair journal? I am in desperate need. Please help.

      2. Ruth Dyson · ·

        When you get the answer please share. I’ve used this app for a while also and when I changed phones the same happened to me. I had the paid version and still no help. I’m not using it anymore and am looking for a better app; until then, I am using pen and paper.

  12. Ruth Dyson · · Reply

    I am looking for my original account which I began in December of 2012. How do I get this on my new phone?
    Ruth Dyson

    1. Hello Ladies,

      Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your data after upgrading :(, Let’s see if we can help fix that.

      Hair Journal app data is stored locally on your device so what we’ll need to do is transfer your data from your old device to your new device using the back-up functionality, either on iTunes or using the backup functionality directly in the app.

      To do this you’ll need your old phone (Hope you’ve still got access to it).

      Transfer Data using iTunes or iCloud:

      Transfer Data using in-built Hair Journal App data backup/restore feature:

      1. Open Hair Journal on your old device and on the ‘Home->Select Profile’ screen click the backup icon on the top right next to the plus sign (it will be white folder icon).

      2. Click on ‘Link Dropbox Account’ and follow the instructions to automatically back up all your data and upload to Dropbox.

      3. Now open up Hair Journal on your new device and click the same backup icon.

      4. Again click the ‘Link Dropbox Account’ and follow the instructions to link the same Dropbox account you used in step #2.

      5. After doing this you’ll see the back-up you created in step #2 appear on your screen. Click it and follow the instructions to restore all your backed up data from the old device to your new device.

      Please let us know if this helped resolve your issue.

      Hair Journal Team

      1. Ruth Dyson · ·

        Unfortunately, I no longer have that phone.

      2. Dominique Domond · ·

        I no longer have access to my old phone, is there no way this information can be retrieved with our unique profile names???

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